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    Default Windows 8.1 New Features & Updates Video Series

    Ibrahim Kivan, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft MEA DPE has released Windows 8.1 Updates Video Series that highlight some already known while some new features baked in Windows 8.1 updae. The series is divided in 4 parts,

    Part 1
    - Shows rearrangement of tiles, how to personalize the Start Screen and make use of the start button.
    Windows 8.1 - Tiles - YouTube

    Part 2
    - Series 2 explains how you can have multiple views under a single window using Internet Explorer 11 browser. Internet Explorer 11 is an integral part of Windows 8.1 updates. besides, the series also explains how you can access all your apps from a single place and customize the Start Screen to your preference.

    Part 3 - This series talks about some of the Internet Explorer features in detail, gives a glimpse of some new built-in Windows Store apps and highlights how to use the new 'Search' feature more efficiently.

    Part 4 - The last series takes you deep down Windows Store, additional PC settings and integrated SkyDrive app.

    To get started, visit here.
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