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    Post Hotfix: File copy operation fails due to long paths in Windows Explorer

    If you are running Windows 7 and when you try to copy files or folders in order to paste them into some other folder - you find that the file copy operation fails. One reason could be that the files or folders that you copy have paths that exceed the maximum allowable path length. You may receive an error message that states that the folder or file name or path is too long.

    To resolve this issue, download and apply hotfix from KB2891362.

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    Andy, Hope you are still out there as this post I'm answering was 2014.
    I have win10 running on an old dual core machine with 3 SATA hard drives installed. That's C, E, F. I have just built / got this PC running. I keep my important data on F and backed up on E.
    This arrangement worked fine when running a previous desktop with XP until the motherboard packed up thus the move to this "new" machine. However I have been getting the same problem you talk about with win7. When I move a reasonable sized lump of data say 300 meg from drive F to E it complains that the path is too long. If I move the same data to drive C all goes well? I have a habit of using long file names say about 35 chars and it does not seem to like these. I gather there is a total path length of 260 chars well mine are more like 90 chars total so I can't see why there is a problem. As this threatens the integrity of my backups it is pretty worrying. I sometimes don't get error messages and have found these files with long file name copied across but with the names truncated. Any ideas?

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