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    Wink Windows Calculating Time Remaining value keeps increasing during Copy

    You may have noticed that Windows Calculating Time Remaining value keeps increasing during Copy operation. The explanation for thi is as follows.

    When you drag a large number of files to a folder, the progress dialog box for the copy process displays a Time remaining value. As the copy process continues, the Time remaining value continues to increase, and the copy process appears to keep slowing down.

    This issue occurs because Windows Explorer updates its view after each file is copied to the device. As the number of files on the device increases, the time between each file copy also increases. This is by design and reflects the expected Windows Explorer behavior, says KB2994264.

    This behavior is less noticeable when you copy a smaller number of files. Therefore, to work around this issue, copy the files in smaller batches. This decreases the overall time that's required to copy the files to/from the device.

    This calculation is determined by the bit rate of the file movement, and this can vary throughout the Copy process. That is why the first estimate differs from the calculations made later.

    An interesting read on Why does the copy dialog give such horrible estimates at MSDN.

    Image : xkcd: Estimation
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