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Thread: Windows 7 ‘System Launcher’

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    Default Windows 7 ‘System Launcher’

    One of the biggest criticisms of Windows 7, especially from myself, has been the inability to pin icons like the control panel, computer and recycle bin to the new taskbar. This meant that Windows 7 was a nasty half-way house between what Microsoft want Windows to become long-term and the old Windows XP way of doing things.

    Last week HappyAndyK came to the rescue on the WinVistaClub forum with instructions on how to add the quick launch toolbar back into Windows 7. Onto this you can drag and drop all the remaining icons from the desktop and Start Menu (recycle bin, games, control panel, devices and printers, computer) and I also added search and libraries links.

    It all looked a bit messy though with system icons mixed in the same dock with search and organise icons. I was wondering if it was possible to split the quick launch area. I was delighted to discover this is actually quite simple to do. The results can be seen ...
    Check out The Long Climb Windows 7 ‘System Launcher’, life without the Start Menu

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    Hey, thanks for the heads up

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    Default You can pin Control Panel etc.

    It's actually pretty simple...

    1. Create a shortcut to Control Panel etc
    2. Pin the shortcut
    3. There is no step 3 ;-)

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    looks coool. saw this tip on Winsupersite blog also today. will try it out. thank you.

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