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Thread: Watch Video & Surf in Microsoft Office with Double Vision

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    Lightbulb Watch Video & Surf in Microsoft Office with Double Vision

    Double Vision is 2MB freeware software that lets you watch video and surf the web in a transparent browser.

    It is built from Internet Explorer & it lets you load up a web browser in your productivity applications like Microsoft Office.

    This is great for:

    -Watching tutorials while you perform the steps and lessons.
    -Browser-based video-conferencing while you work.
    -Watching video without being obvious to those in your workspace.
    -Maintaining your full screen real-estate without putting windows beside eachother and being forced to watch in tiny little windows.
    -Keep articles and web pages visible to read while you work on projects, and while you wait for items to load etc.


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    thanks Andy looks like a great thing to have

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    Hahah ... well there was an app by Stardock too, I think FX Windows or something that allowed you to make windows transparent. It worked for all windows not just your browser.

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    If I want several windows to stay "on top", I use Deskpins ( Elias Fotinis DeskPins :: Make Any Window Topmost ) to pin them to the screen. This is very simple because my Deskpins is always in the notification area (I put the shortcut into the startup shellfolder). All I have to do is to drag a pin from there and release it on the top of the folder I want to pin.

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