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Thread: Protect your computer with SpywareBlaster

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    Default Protect your computer with SpywareBlaster

    Freeware SpywareBlaster can prevent the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted programs on your Windows PC.

    •Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware and other potentially unwanted programs.
    •Block spying / tracking via cookies.
    •Restrict the actions of potentially unwanted or dangerous web sites

    SpywareBlaster adheres to following guiding principles of good security software:

    1.Must not interfere with what you do

    ◦doesn't slow down web browsing
    ◦doesn't interfere with the "good side" of the web
    ◦doesn't slow down your computer
    ◦doesn't use up any memory or take any cpu

    2. Must co-exist peacefully with other software

    SpywareBlaster is built to work with any other software on your PC. You can add it as an additional, powerful layer of protection to whatever software you already have installed. In fact, SpywareBlaster's protection works well to augment nearly any combination of security and privacy tools, by focusing on prevention.

    3. Must be simple to use, powerful, and effective

    4. SpywareBlaster also provides protection for your favorite web browser(s).

    Read SpywareBlaster review.

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    I then installed on one of my PC's with XP's and all is OK

    To Friends:
    Be sure and disable protection then uninstall 4.1 version before install of 4.2. Do not install over current version ,per instructions on vendor website

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    This is a very important news in my opinion,
    now SpywareBlaster 4.2 support IE 8.0, I've just installed on my machine with Vista and my machines with XP.

    Thank you

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    I first came across this when I had win 98SE and have used it on the wonderful ME (RIP) and XP and Vista. It is a very good programme to have in addition to the other security that you if you want a boot and braces apporach to security

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