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Thread: USB Hidden Copier: Copy others USB Drive content in Stealth Mode

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    Default USB Hidden Copier: Copy others USB Drive content in Stealth Mode

    If you want to copy some data from your friend’s USB Drive without telling him then USB Hidden Copier is the perfect software which will help you to copy all the content of the USB drive in stealth mode. This process is totally invisible and the victim doesn’t know that his content has been secretly copied.

    1. It is totally invisible and masked enough in order not to be detected easily.
    2. It will copy only a maximum of 8GB that is enough space and information will not fill out all hard drive space if you can not monitor it for a long time.
    3. Content is saved in a folder named as the USB Drive name so you can find easily who is the owner of USB copied.
    4. It starts at computer startup.
    5. First copy is made 3 minutes after computer starts and then every 10 minutes the content will be overwritten, so you will have always lastet content of that USB.
    6. With it’s Control Panel you can easily manage it.
    7. Content copied is saved in the directory: “C:\WINDOWS\sysbackup\”
    8. The copier program is called “systemidle.exe” in order to mask it.

    In order not to copy your own USB Drive you can create a file named “friendflag.winxp” and put it directly on your USB (this file can be also with hidden so you will not delete it accidentally). So when the program finds this file it will not copy the drive when it is located in your USB.

    You can start copying immediately by pressing Alt+C. If the program is not actually copying, it will start copying immediately and the tray icon will appear in notification area for 1/2 sec and will hide again. This way you will be notified that the command is accepted. To close program you can press Alt+E. If the program is not actually copying, it will close and you will be notified for this by a triangle icon in the notification area.

    Download Link
    More Info.

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    |I am not sure I like the idea of this at all. Why would you want to do such a thing.

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    a newer version USB Hidden Copier 2.0 with more features is already available here

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