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Thread: CloneSpy: Remove Duplicate Files with Ease

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    Default CloneSpy: Remove Duplicate Files with Ease

    Do you often download files from the Internet? Is your hard drive crowded with these files? Have you ever asked yourself which files you have downloaded more than once? Perhaps you have burned files to a CD and retrieved them again? Do you want to find these files and eliminate the duplicates? Maybe you want to find duplicate files without checking your entire collection of backup CDs every time? Then CloneSpy is the right tool for you!

    CloneSpy can help you free up hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate files. Also, CloneSpy is able to find files that are not exactly identical, but have the same file name. Perhaps you have different versions of a file and you want to find all of them and remove the older versions. CloneSpy can also find zero length files.

    With CloneSpy you can process files which

    • are duplicates
    • are duplicates and have the same file name
    • have the same file name
    • have the same file name and (approximately) the same size
    • are zero bytes long

    CloneSpy offers you a complete mechanism for determining which duplicate or same-name files should be removed. It is also possible to leave this decision up to the individual user.

    CloneSpy can handle equal files by

    • deleting redundant files
    • moving redundant files to a specific folder
    • exporting a list of all equal files without removing any files
    • deferring file operations on redundant files to a batch file where you can apply arbitrary file operations
    • replacing redundant files with shortcuts or hard links (NTFS) to retained files

    With CloneSpy you can build checksum files from files on CDs (or even on hard drives, etc.) and use them to check whether these files already exist on your system. The checksum files will prevent you from having to play DJ every time you search for duplicates!


    It is compatible to run on all Windows.


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    what the co-incidence....:|

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    CloneSpy works for me, it's FREE Thanks Kishan

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    Thank you,
    but be careful when using these kind of softwares, please.
    I generally use Glary Utilties for this kind of purpose

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    Yes take the warning very much to heart use everything very carefully

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    Default Duplicates

    It is an interesting message. I have a question. Now I use Clone Remover to find images and music files duplicates. What are the differences in these two programmes and how can I use the one from this article? Thank you.

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    I got the solution when i used a utility Duplicate Files Deleter - tool for finding and deleting duplicate files, delete duplicate files | duplicate files | find duplicate files for this you just need to download “Duplicate Files Deleter” from . It may be able to find this file from your hard drive.
    and it worked for me.

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