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Thread: chml and regil: Utilities To Manage Windows Integrity Levels

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    Default chml and regil: Utilities To Manage Windows Integrity Levels

    Integrity Levels? What are They?

    Vista and later versions of Windows include a new notion of what were originally called "Mandatory Integrity Controls" but eventually became "Windows Integrity Levels," (WILs) often shortened further to "integrity levels" or ILs. Under WIL, every object that can have permissions can also have a label, stored in roughly the same place as it stores permissions, that identifies its "integrity level." Another way to think of an integrity level is a measure of how trustworthy it's considered by the system...

    chml: a tool to control Windows Integrity Levels

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    It looks interesting, thank you

    (@ Zen67: ne so esattamente quanto prima ehehe)

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    To quote my friend, looks interesting thanks for the post

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