ClipSpeak is a free (GPL) and handy application that resides in the system tray and outputs text that is copied to clipboard as a human voice.

Here is full description of the program:

ClipSpeak is a portable, lightweight text-to-speech tool with a minimal user interface that speaks text copied to the clipboard. It is compatible with all SAPI5 speech synthesizers, and can also be used to convert texts to MP3 files.


* Speak text copied (or cut) to the clipboard.
* Stop ongoing speech with the right-control key.
* Quickly enable and disable ClipSpeak by hitting the right shift key and the right control key.
* Select the synthesizer used. If you want a free synthesizer that supports quite a number of languages, check out eSpeak.
* Customise voice parameters.
* Save to MP3 function lets you put your texts on your MP3 player (using LAME MP3 encoder).
* Fully portable.
* Small size (under a megabyte).

For the download, please access home page of the program - ClipSpeak.