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Thread: DocShield - Prevent loss of important electronic documents.

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    Default DocShield - Prevent loss of important electronic documents.


    DocShield is a free software program for Microsoft Windows operating systems that is designed to prevent or remedy the catastrophic loss or accidental modification of important electronic documents. It protects these documents by continually monitoring them for changes, then creating and storing snapshots of those documents as they change through time. DocShields operation can be described as "passive" because it will never delete nor modify your shielded documents. "Snapshots" are stored in a compressed archive, which DocShield can be configured to keep in more than one location for added protection. Versions of the document throughout its history are accessible to view or restore. The archive of shielded files may exist on a local disk, a network disk, or other storage devices. For DocShield to begin shielding documents from disaster, you must first select one or more "destination" folders, which will hold the DocShield archives. If your resources allow, it is suggested that you create at least two destination folders on different physical devices to protect against hardware failure. You then select the documents that you want to shield. When a new "snapshot" of a document is written to an archive, it will automatically be written to the
    archive in each of the destination folders.

    You can specify how often you want DocShield to check on the documents, to see if any of them need to have a "snapshot" taken This time interval may be anywhere from every second to every few days. You can also specify if you want DocShield to be loaded automatically, every time you turn on your computer. If you delete a shielded file, its snapshots will continue to exist in the DocShield archive(s) until you specifically remove them. DocShield works in the background and consumes negligible computer resources as it goes about averting potential catastrophic document loss. You can fine tune almost everything in DocShield.

    DocShield 2.0 Features

    ---Maintains a history of your important documents
    ---Retrieve any document as it was at any point in time
    ---Drag and drop documents and folders to DocShield
    ---Automatic-add by document type
    ---Redundant, multiple archive destinations
    ---Remote archive file storage on FTP servers
    ---Archive privacy - password keeps your files private
    ---Email notification of archive management events
    ---Document color coding for easy identification
    ---Latest file compression technology
    ---Intelligent archive size management
    ---Works quietly in the background
    ---Access files "on the go" with included USB utility
    ---"Passive" operation - never deletes or modifies files
    ---Selectable background colors
    ---100% Free for personal, non-commercial use!!!
    ---Single machine commercial license only $39 USD

    DocShield is now FREE for personal, non-commercial use

    We decided to make the benefits of DocShield more accessible to all. We know that you'll love what DocShield does for your your peace of mind. We hope you love it enough to put it to work at the office, too!

    There is no catch. Commercial and non-commercial products are identical

    Users who wish to utilize DocShield in the workplace can purchase commercial licenses starting at $39 for a single machine.

    DocShield - The ultimate document protection software

    What's new in current version:
    Archive file password protection, drag and drop, remote (FTP) destination, better compression, USB utility, more auto-add features, more archive file size management options

    System Requirements:
    Microsoft .NET 2.0 or greater
    Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005,Windows Media Center Edition 2005,Win Vista
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