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Thread: 8start - free portable application launcher

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    Default 8start - free portable application launcher


    A skinable, portable, innovative Application Launcher and Tree Notes. A whole new way of launching programs and files, making your desktop clean and access/share notes/shortcuts/favorites fast and easy. You never this kind of freeware seen before.

    Starting programs from shortcuts on desktop and start menu is an obsolete and cumbersome process. Now it is made precise with categorization and graphic options. All your favorite programs, folders, url or documents can be easily identified from the groups and the icons displayed. The skinable design and the graphical interface make your desktop much more viewable and useful than all your wallpapers and shortcuts put together.

    You can maintain a clean desktop and access any favorite program/folders/documents/url with a single click. Clear, useful groups replace the clutter of icons on your desktop. Even the menu is better than the standard start menu.

    With Tree Notes/Shortcuts/Favorites feature, you can access and share notes/shortcuts/favorites fast and easy. Notes/shortcuts/favorites can be store in local computer, portable drive and file server. You can notes/shortcuts/favorites in different locations by few mouse clicks

    8start makes use of so called categories which can contain a number of groups each. Categories can be flipped like pages which means it is possible to create a smaller interface that is making use of pages to contain the same amount of information than a larger interface.

    The status of each partition of the computer system can be displayed in the interface as well. It can be used to quickly access a drive. Each item displayed, be it application, web resource, folder or partition can be loaded with a single left-click of the computer mouse.

    In creating menus, the program lets you define different categories and subcategories within which you can add as many items as are necessary and define the size and style of each. Once created, you can run any of the elements included in the menu with a single click. For example, you can run a program, display a document, play a song, explore a folder or visit a page.

    OS: Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista - May 8start be with you

    A keyboard shortcut can be configured to bring the 8start interface up when needed so that it does not have to be visible on the desktop all the time.

    8start Launcher is specially for :

    Flash Drive Users - With the portable feature, flash drive users can copy 8start Launcher in the flash drive, use it as the main menu to access to the portable notes / software / folders / files in the flash drive fast and visually. After configure the 8start Launcher, they can see and launch the portable software by the 8start Launcher, which are arranged in category and group, rather then dig into the folder to find it.

    Artists - Artists are always prefer to have a clean and nice looking desktop. 8start Launcher can keep the desktop clean, and artists can design a nice skin for the 8start Laucher which they prefer.

    Presenters - Presenters can create buttons in 8start Launcher for all the documents / applications which want to be presented, they will find this is very efficient during the presentation. And aslo, presenters can design a skin for the presentation (e.g. add the company logo, picture/word related to the presentation topic).

    Your Grandma - Yes, with intuitively access concept and customizable buttons in 8start Launcher, even your grandma can launch the applications easily now.

    You - Try launching your favorite applcations by this fast, intuitive, skinable, customizable and beautiful free launcher, you should find this can save a lot of time rather than using windows start menu. And also, the tree notes feature is useful for you to access and sharing information.
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    Looks different than other docks. something like vista start menu???

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