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Thread: Defrag your drive, a folder or a single file with Power Defragmenter

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    Default Defrag your drive, a folder or a single file with Power Defragmenter


    A nice little program called Power Defragmenter (freeware) will let you defrag your drive, a folder or a single file.

    From the author:

    This is my quite well known defragmenter based on Microsoft/Sysinternals Contig core.
    They provide the core component, the heart of defragmentation process, i've provided the user interface for it. And so far users just love it. It's not perfect but it's close.
    Also a winner of 4 stars at SoftPedia.
    Now enough of the bable talk and self compliments hehe

    Whats new in version 3.0?
    - Simplified Contig download and setup (now almost fully automatic)
    - Removed PowerMode(TM) because of compatibility problems with Windows Vista
    - Introduced TriplePass(TM) mode replacing obsolete PowerMode(TM)*
    - Added ability to defragment removable drives (mostly floppy and USB hard drives**)
    - Fixed few glitches
    - New Vista style graphics

    * TripleMode(TM) runs Contig in 3 passes defragmenting any remaining fragmented files
    ** don't use on USB flash and SSD drives as they are basically immune to the file fragmentation due to almost non existent access latency. Defragmenting flash devices also decreases their lifetime.

    eXcessive Software

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    .... your link redirect me to this page RejZoR - RejZoR's little secrets

    and it's firewalled for me....

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    Links working fine for me. But here are alternate download links:

    eXcessive Software - Windows Live

    |MG| Power Defragmenter GUI 2.0.125 Download

    I use this one, btw

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    Gonna give it a try cas my disk drive is very fragmented.....

    Thanx for info Newy

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