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What Is Sleep Moon Xpress?

Sleep Moon Xpress is a next-generation Automation Utility that takes computer automation to the highest level. It is simple to use, yet it comes packed with a lot options and features, such as Alarms, Automatic Shutdown, Remote Executions, Download & Upload Speed Detection and much much more. (see how it looks on your computer)

With Sleep Moon Xpress, remotely or automatically, controlling your computer will become a piece of cake. It can be used in multiple scenarios and situations, from as simple as displaying a notification at 4:30:50 PM to as complex as rebooting your computer using a Bluetooth mobile phone equipped with a camera.

Yes you heard right! This software product uses our BlueActiv Technology, which is an advanced piece of software technology allowing you to remotely control your computer using any Bluetooth or Infrared enabled device.

How? Ok let us say that you have a Bluetooth enabled phone with an integrated camera (you can also do without a camera) and a Bluetooth dongle installed on your computer. Now snap a picture with your mobile phone and rename it to "restart" and using Bluetooth send it to your computer. As soon as it is received, Sleep Moon Xpress will automatically restart your computer. This will also work with various others commands such as "shutdown" "run" and "alarm".

But that is not all! Sleep Moon Xpress can also work using several others advanced methods such as WTP Mobile Technology which allows you to trigger off any pre-defined command by simply typing in the Host Computer's IP Address in any internet browser.

Believe it or not you can also shutdown your computer with a clap, thanks to the Sound Sensitive Consoles mechanism built into Sleep Moon Xpress!

Why Go Green Edition?

Sleep Moon Xpress is our commitment for Going Green. We have has put extensive effort on developing Sleep Moon Xpress to make most computers on the planet, go green.

Read more about our Go4Green campaign...

Tips & Tricks on using Sleep Moon Xpress:

Auto shutdown your computer after a certain download has been complete to save on electricity consumption and Go Green!
Let Sleep Moon Xpress active with WTP Mobile Technology enabled so that you can remotely shutdown your computer in case of a thunderstorm warning.
Learning about Command line parameters and how to create .bat files, will make Sleep Moon Xpress' possibilities, endless!

What's new in Sleep Moon Xpress 2.0.0:
Added Features: Alarm, Silent Alarm, Reboot, Log OFF, Power OFF (ATX), Time Synchronization, Updated Calendar, Fixed Minor Bugs


800 MHz CPU Speed
64 Megabytes of installed RAM
25 Megabytes free hardisk space
Compatible With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows

The software is free and can be download from the following link
Reohix - Sleep Moon Xpress