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Thread: Freeware to Register DLL, OCX, TLB, and OLB Files

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    Default Freeware to Register DLL, OCX, TLB, and OLB Files


    Files that are created as self-registering have information that need to be stored in the Windows registry in order for the file to be available and useable to applications on the machine. Usually DLLs, and OCXs are self-registering and require to be registered on the machine. Normally you would have to go through a whole procedure; copying and pasting the required file into your system directory and typing in commands such as regsvr32 "C:Windowswowfx.dll".

    With RootReg you can still do all that but with a click of a button and there is no need to worry about getting it wrong, because you cant!

    RootReg is able to effortlessly use registration / un-registration commands on DLL, OCX, TLB, and OLB Files with a simple mouse click. It comes equipped with multiple features that include; bulk file registration (which can come in very hand in the case of a lot of missing files!), the ability to automatically copy the required files directly to the system directory, plus it also includes a complete un-registration system.

    In order words with RootReg will make sure that when it comes to ActiveX registrations, everything is kept simple, done perfectly correct and within seconds.

    Apart from that RootReg is also interconnected with our service called doFiles, a huge online repository which hosts over 4,400 DLL, OCX, TLB, OLB files and all available to download for free.

    Featured Benefits
    ---Makes sure that every ActiveX file is registered correctly, and you simply cannot go wrong with this software.
    ---Able to register ActiveX files in bulk allowing you to get to your work much faster then using traditional methods.
    ---Able to register and unregister any TLB, OLB, OCX and DLL files automatically, with just a click of a button.
    ---Interconnected with doFiles, our huge and free online repository which hosts over 4,400 DLL, OCX, TLB, OLB files.
    ---Completely free to use

    OS: Windows Vista, XP.

    Freeware like Emsa Register DLL Tool, Rootreg, Register/Unregister OCX/DLL Utility, etc will let you do the same easily.

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    Emsa Register Dll Tool and Register/ Unregister OCX/DLL Utility are two utilities, with which you can achieve the same on the fly.

    A little more info here: How to Register or Unregister dll files in Windows

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