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Thread: Sinapsi Antispam Freeware Software

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    Default Sinapsi Antispam Freeware Software


    New, Free and Easy-to-Use Antispam Software
    Sinapsi Antispam a new free Antispam Software. Other Antispam applications are based on an Heuristic Analysis. But frequently emails are not Spam but only "False Positives".

    Imagine what can happen if your Antispam Software deletes an important email message, just because his imperfect analysis detect a "False Positive". Sinapsi Antispam solves your problem! Sinapsi Antispam is a security software that protects you from spam.

    Users that receive a Spam Message, mark it as "Spam" and other users will be immunized soon. However it's possible to activate an Heuristic Analysis and an OCR Analysis (Optical Character Recognition).

    Here are some key features of "Sinapsi Antispam":

    Sinapsi protection based on MD5 Algorithm.
    Soundex Heuristic Analysis.
    DNS-BL IP Filter.
    OCR Heuristic Analysis.
    Anti-Fraud and Anti-Phishing Protection
    Stop English Spam.
    BlackList and WhiteList protection.
    Animated Learning Tutorial (only in Italian)
    Advanced Statistics -Help guide (Multilanguage).

    Compatibility: 2000/XP/Vista/2003 Server

    Designed for Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. Now compatible with FreePOPS!

    Sinapsi Antispam Freeware - Un valido Antispam Gratuito!!! Fight Spam and Email Fraud.

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    thank you
    and Sinapsi is developed by an Italian
    I think I'll give a try

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