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Thread: TechTracker-software update tool from CNET

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    Default TechTracker-software update tool from CNET


    CatchUp by Itís back as CNET TechTracker, a free software update checker.

    TechTracker will scan your system for updates and will notify you if you need to update the installed software on your PC.

    You are required to have a free and personal account at before you can download the program and to allow you to view the details of the update scan in a browser window.

    You can load TechTracker during Windows start-up and let it scan every four hours, daily, weekly, monthly or manually.

    There is an option to automatically download and install the new version of TechTracker, notify you on new version or you will manage yourself in updating TechTracker.

    Every time a new update arrives, you'll see an alert message pop up from the TechTracker icon in the task tray. You can also hover the cursor over the icon to see how many updates await, or click the icon to list them by name:

    The TechTracker site displays the detected software on your PC and provide some information of the product: whether you have the latest version, the version number of installed software, the status (out of date or up-to-date) and quick information about the software (editor and average user rating, download file size and total number of downloads).

    In the TechTracker website, there are other available options: receive e-mail for software updates, send feedback for scan results and manage the PC in which TechTracker is currently installed.

    CNET TechTracker is freeware, works on most modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)and runs on Windows XP and above.

    CNET TechTracker - Free software updates tool for Windows PC -

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    Thanks for this! Had just blogged about such : Software Update Checker for Windows PC | The Windows Club

    Perhaps you could add this as your comment there; or maybe I will add it later

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    forgive me if I am wrong but it seems to do the same job as secunia, which I use and find very good.

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    I use the software update facility in Bit Comet. Even if you don't use torrents, it is a useful side function.
    I tried the one in this thread and it offered me updates for two items, which were already listed as current on my computer, but reported as earlier editions by the program. I think that, maybe (?) it cannot spot automatic updates over existing software.

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