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Thread: Bug Shooting- screen capture program to track bugs or system failures

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    Default Bug Shooting- screen capture program to track bugs or system failures


    Bug Shooting is an awesome freeware screen capture program for Windows that is completely free and offers loads of features that are normally available only in commercial screenshot applications like SnagIt.

    Bug Shooting was developed for software testers who use bug tracking systems including FogBugz, Gemini, Ontime, BugTracker.NET and Mantis Bug Tracker. Screenshots can also be sent to Skype or a default E-Mail application (e.g., Outlook).

    Since screenshots are frequently used to show system bugs or to reproduce the steps for a failed test, it is often very helpful to highlight, notate and/or crop areas of the screenshot. With Bug Shooting this can be done in a matter of seconds. With Bug shooting you can capture the entire screen, a section of the screen, a window, capture with delay and so on. Bug Shooting has a built-in screen magnifier that enlarges the screen area and helps you place the mouse cursor at the exact location on the screen before the screenshot. Thus It aims to make this process as easy as possible and for the most part it succeeds.

    Bug Shooting has more features than other free screen capture utilities For instance Bug Shooting has a "Delayed Capture" mode that is like setting a timer for your screen captures and can be used for grabbing menus & tool-tips. Also Bug Shooting has a built-in screen magnifier that enlarges the screen area and helps you place the mouse cursor at the exact location on the screen before the screenshot and And when you capture an area of the screen, Bug Shooting will draw cross-hairs indicating the exact co-ordinates much like SnagIt or the Camtasia Studio Recorder.

    You can also copy from the clipboard to import images into Bug Shooting and vice versa. This is a useful features because with similar programs, you end up unable to share screenshots on the clipboard

    One of the best part of Bug Shooting is the included image editor that lets you annotate screenshots with annotations that can be text, geometric shapes and arrows with standard tools like the freehand pen, text, etc. very useful to indicate clearly what you want to highlight. The changes can been seen as you hover over different colors or settings. Everything get stored in separate layers, Its like live preview.

    Once all are set to the take the screenshot The final image can be stored in JPEG or PNG. Bug Shooting can be configured with almost any program on your desktop so you may directly send screen captures to Outlook, Skype, Photoshop, Flickr Uploader and so on.

    With Bug Shooting, screenshot is made easy.

    - Capture screen
    - Capture windows
    - Capture screen area
    - Delayed capture
    - Support for multiple screen

    - Edit screenshot
    - crop
    - resize
    - add geometric shapes
    - add arrows
    - add text
    - add images
    - rotate, flip
    - highlight area

    - Print screenshot
    - Save screenshot
    - Open screenshot from file
    - Combine screenshots

    - Shortcuts are possible for a lof of functions

    - Send screenshots to different bug tracker
    - FogBugz
    - Gemini
    - OnTime
    - BugTracker.NET
    - SharpForge
    - MantisBT
    - DoneDone
    - JIRA
    - SpiraTest
    - Elementool

    - Send screenshots to
    - Skype
    - Default Email Client
    - Any application by using command line

    - Multilingual
    - English
    - German
    - Russian

    - Custom commands: open an URL by shortcut

    - Screen magnifier

    - Automatic update function

    - Silent installation and uninstallation

    Windows XP (x32), Windows Vista (x32)
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
    Bug Shooting
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    i am using snag it but sometimes use screengrab mozilla plugin ...
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    Looks like a useful utility. Thanks!
    A related read : How to use Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7 | The Windows Club

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    Thank you very much.

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    Bug Shooting looks pretty good for XP and Vista users. As HappyAndyK said, Windows 7 users has an inbuilt tool for the same.

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    In Mantis Bug Shooting seems to be not working. I get the image in png format and the image is only 2 bites.

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    I do not often take screenshots for bug tracking, but I do a lot of projects, involving screen shots, so I can recomend you SnapaShot. It's a small quick and very convinient programm, not to mention it's free. I am not allowed to post urls, but I'll try, so fix it, when you try to download the program.
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    I too use PSR

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    I use Snagit for this. I found it simple and easy to use + it have an image editor too. Though it is paid, I managed to won a license in a contest

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    This is a good one hope that will also introduce more features in recording video and oneclick upload to youtube for instance.

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