ActualDoc is a unique recent document manager, designed to make access to any of the documents you have recently used secure, easy and convenient. ActualDoc keeps track of the documents you are currently working on and helps you to find any of them by name and/or by contents. With the built-in viewer, you can copy fragments of a graphic, plain and formatted text, PDF, HTML and others files. Another feature of ActualDoc is the protection of your privacy: you can lock the Windows document history with a password. ActualDoc has a multilingual ergonomic interface and comes with a contextual help system and a comprehensive user reference.

Supported graphic formats: jpg (with EXIF info), gif, tiff, png, psd, bmp, tga, psp, eps, pdd, bw, rgb, rgba, sgi, sel, pic, sld, vst, icb, vda, win, pcx, pcc, scr, pcd, ppm, pgm, pbm, cut, rla, rpf, sff, emf, wmf

With ActualDoc;

---you can access your recently used documents and bookmarks with 2 clicks through the system tray menu

---You can view HTML, XML and others Internet documents with ActualDoc

---With ActualDoc you can monitor disk usage activity*.

---You can create custom categories* for quick filtering your Recent Documents list by their type, date of last use and placement

* ActualDoc comes in two editions: Lite edition and Professional one. All features, marked with * are available in Professional Edition only.

ActualDoc is an indispensable utility for both professional and non-professional users.

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