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Thread: OnLine Armor FINAL released

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    Arrow OnLine Armor FINAL released

    TallEmu OnLine Armor is one of the best personal firewalls, it is available as an a free version, a premium version and a ++ version which includes Ikarus antivirus engine (the same used by a-squared antimalware).

    Personal Firewall comparison -

    Version FINAL is out


    As a number of people have reported problems with build 10, we've been hard at work updating and patching.
    Fix list is all below:

    1742: Multiselect for setting "RunSafer" - implemented
    1729: Possible conflict with AVG and OA 4
    1740: Notify me when programs are autotrusted option no longer grays out
    1741: Single quote bug in history.
    1627: Installer Vs. Run Sufer
    1701: Multilanguage considerations - reworded
    1705: Boxes in popups are narrower and cut off text
    1715: Firewall automatic decision for system displayed as 'System System'
    1718: MBAM scan freezes OA
    1719: BSOD during installation/downloading of MS Visual Basic 2008 on Win7
    1727: TblScan Error on AV Scan Window
    1728: Full stop (dot) after Block label in Programs
    1783: "Prompt on Unknown" enabled by default again
    1725: Tip: Add "Buy Online Armor" item on the icon tray menu - implemented
    1769: WScript issue
    1773: Corrupted watcher logs
    1777: Autorun missed
    1778: Can't select 3 programs to Unknown
    1780: OA cannot be uninstalled, if Program Guard is off
    1782: Inconsistent format in history records
    1790: Items highlight color in "Blocked programs" is "blue"
    1716: Win7 & Hosts File
    1724: "Banking Mode" and "Advanced Mode" icon tray menu items are not grayed in Free version
    1733: "crash dump reporting tool" don't work with a non-admin account
    1749: "I don't want to see this awesome special offer again" checkbox does not work with a non-admin account.
    1754: Auto-allow Trusted notification can't be disabled
    1756: Popups display on 2nd screen in v4
    1758: Broken popup
    1763: History doesn't reflect the files trusted by OASIS
    1764: "Record not found" on Hosts tab after entry deletion
    1765: echotest2 failed on Win7
    1766: AKLT vs OA on Win7 (GetKeyState & GetAsyncKeyState tests failed)
    1767: Key entering problem
    1801 "Untrust" button sets programs to "Not Trusted". (Should set them to "Unknown")
    1803 History issues: Duplicate entries and missing hyperlinks

    - Since the free version displays an annoying popup for 7/8 days, you may also disable it by creating a key in the registry:
    HKLM/Software/Tall Emu/Online Armor/NoNagScreen
    Set the value to 1. 

    Features - Online Armor

    Compare versions

    Best Personal Firewall Software for 2008 - Online Armor Premium


    Download Online Armor and Online Armour ++ - Free or Trial - Online Armor Firewall Best of 2008

    Compatible WindowsXP/Vista (32 bit & 64 bit) Windows 7 (32 bit only)

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    hi !

    thanks !

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