DiskAnalyzer Pro is a powerful hard disk space and file analyzer program that helps you manage hard disk space and keep it under control. Through this software you will be able to pin point the folders and files which are consuming most of the hard disk space on your computer. You can find and remove duplicate files and clean your drive off junk and temporary files.


* Manage and view disk space consumption with the help of disk space usage reports grouped by file types, file size, attributes, file date and file ownership.
* DiskAnalyzer Pro allows you to specify your own search terms while looking for unwanted files and folders consuming your disk space.
* Find and delete such files and regain gigabytes of hard disk space.
* Find list of biggest space hogging folders as well as old unused and big size files from your hard disk drives.
* Find out duplicate pictures, compressed files, videos and audio files
* Use a command-line scanner to perform a disk search from the command-prompt and create a saved disk report archive. This can be later opened with DiskAnalyzer Pro for detailed disk space analysis. You can use any scheduling program to schedule the disk search using command-line scanner.
* Export disk space reports to external file formats - HTML, CSV and XML.

DiskAnalyzer Pro is a commercial product that normally retails at $30. But currently the software is available for free. Get it while the offer lasts.


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