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Thread: Eusing Free Internet Window Washer

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    Default Eusing Free Internet Window Washer

    The Eusing Free Internet Window Washer digs into Windows, Web browsers, and a host of other applications to free up space and clear away private information.

    The free utility can wash away your browsing history, Windows log files, cookies and list of recently opened documents. It works for Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Firefox and Chrome, along with a slew of other third-party apps ranging from Adobe Acrobat to WinZip to PowerDVD.

    If you're looking for a system cleaner, it's worth trying out both the Eusing Free Internet Window Washer and Piriform's CCleaner. Both applications do much the same thing, but while CCleaner has a more intuitive interface and a registry cleaner, it lacks Window Washer's scheduling option and wider range of application support. Both tools are free, so take your pick.

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    Thanks. Most however seem to be fans of CCleaner - but irs always good to have options

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