TGP (Thor’s Godly Privacy) encryption utility for the cloud.

With all eyes on “the cloud,” I decided to write an encryption application better suited to an environment where portability and security were, at the least, challenging. In cloud computing, not only is the use of file structures becoming more abstract, but the very concept of a “file server” is becoming more and more ubiquitous.

As such, I designed TGP with “encryption for the cloud” in mind. That means that not only does TGP do everything your normal PGP-type applications do, but it does things a bit differently – differently in a way that can change the way you work with your encrypted data. At the simplest level, this is done by
encrypting data into byte arrays, and then converting those byte arrays into Base64 encoded text wrapped inside XML tags. In this way, not only do you get your typical file-based encrypted representation of your data, but you also get data that you can copy and paste directly into any email, mailing list, blog-page, or social networking site if you choose to. It also makes processing multiple encrypted files as key management much easier that other implementations as the XML encoding allows you to processes and manage encrypted data files or blobs programmatically.
Main new features: real-time password strength checking when building keys. Supports up to 16384-byte RSA keys now, with multi-threaded capabilities when building them. A 4k key is nuts - but you can't ever be too sure.

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