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Thread: I need an internet data counter

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    Default I need an internet data counter

    My system is Win7. Here is what I'm looking for in an internet data counter.

    Starts with Windows.

    Has an always on top window showing on my screen that shows the speed of data in kbps downloading and uploading at any given time. I would need to be able to adjust the size of the window and put it wherever I want on the screen. I would like to also be able to adjust the size of the font so when I'm viewing my 1920X1200 desktop by remote connection, I can see what the numbers are.

    I would also like for it to have somewhere in the program (does not have to be a window always on top) where I can see how much data in kbps has been downloaded (and preferably also uploaded) since the beginning of the month. My ISP does have a page that shows a "usage meter," but that's shows the total for both computers on my home connection and I would like to know how much of it is my own usage.

    Online Eye from is not an option. They stopped responding to my e-mails some time ago so I believe they no longer support the product. I only kept using it because it worked. The final straw was when I got a new Win7 system and installed Online Eye on that system, the wireless suddenly became less sensitive to signal strength. I uninstalled Online Eye and wireless signal sensitivity was back to normal.

    Internet Connection Counter from is also not an option. While the creator of that program has been great in responding quickly when I had questions about figuring out the program, it does have a bug, which the programmer has acknowledged. It randomly and for no obvious reason quits working as if there is no internet connection and I have to restart my system to get it working again.

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    This LINK might help you.

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