You also want to tweak with Windows Taskbar. Here is a tool, created by me. Ultimate Taskbar Controller is a free portable utility to tweak with Windows Taskbar. You can see some of features here :
  1. Remove & Restore Taskbar, Clock, taskbar Button
  2. Remove & Restore Network icon from tray
  3. Remove & Restore Volume icon from tray
  4. Move to Tray
  5. Run in tray on Startup
  6. Integrate to desktop context menu
  7. Run on Startup
  8. Info Inspector (It will tell you what is currently going on)
  9. Tray context menu
  10. Auto Detector added (You do not need to re-check same feature to disable)

Above are only some features. More are left. It will also give you "AERO LOOK".

Download -