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Thread: BufferZone Pro

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    Default BufferZone Pro

    "Protecting your PC against threats from the internet is an important task and most of us use Anti virus software for protection, but these can only provide limited security as you need to update them every now and then. BufferZone Pro is a freeware app for Windows which is based on an unique system security suite that uses virtualization technology to protect your computer from any type of external threat by isolating new files and programs from the rest of your operating system."

    Protect your PC from Malicious Downloads with BufferZone Pro

    I noticed that this one was listed as a giveaway in the Forum in 2010, but now it says free.
    "Enjoy FREE total and 24/7 protection from viruses, Trojans, worms,
    botnets, or any other dangerous malware.
    How much does it cost? Nothing. How much could it cost you to not have BufferZone?
    $100's in PC repair costs or $1,000's caused by theft of identity or sensitive banking passwords/data."

    Trustware - BufferZone Pro

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    ya i read that articles and try this .
    it is better than Sandboxie.....

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