"By pinning multiple applications to your Windows taskbar, you end up forming an untidy clutter on the taskbar. As a result, when you are in a hurry, you mistakenly click on the wrong app icon. Here to help you with this issue is a program called MultiTabber.
MultiTabber is a freeware for Windows computers. The app provides you with an easier way to switch between applications than using the taskbar all the time. You are given a number of colored dots that store a formation of open app windows. You can click on a colored dot, open a few apps, switch to another dot, and open up a new set of apps. To switch between the open windows all you have to do is click on the corresponding colored dots.

The color of the dots is customizable and you can use up to 10 dots or as the app developers put it – 10 virtual desktops."

Download: Home Page.

MultiTabber: Create Multiple Versions Of Your Windows Taskbar