"Itís been a few weeks since Microsoft revealed its next version of Windows, though itís just only a preview version aimed to the developers. If you havenít tried or have tried as a virtual machine on VirtualBox, you can now try it out on VMware Player, a free virtualization desktop program from VMware. And here is how:

Download and Install VMware Player 4.0

VMware finally released a new version of 4.0 that is able to run Windows 8 Developer Preview on Oct. 4, 2011. Heard over here to get a copy of it. Itís free but requires you to sign up an account on VMware to download the software.

You will have to uninstall any previous version of VMware Player to be able to install the latest version. You will need to reboot your computer at least once to have everything ready."

Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview on VMware Player in Windows 7 | Windows7hacker