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Thread: Gttext: Freeware Tool to Copy Text from Image Files

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    Default Gttext: Freeware Tool to Copy Text from Image Files

    I tested this program the other day and I got useful results.

    "Copying text from text file and other doc files are easy but copying text from image is not an easy task. Most of us would say it is impossible to copy text from an image file. Often, we need to copy text from an image file. If there are only few words or lines on image, then it is better to type them manually on any editor but an image with full of text and lines – better to copy them. Windows does not support any option to copy text from image file but we can get this features using a third party freeware application called Gttext.

    Gttext is a freeware open source application for the Windows to recognize text character in images and copy it to the Windows clipboard or any, then you can paste it on any text file or document file. It is very easy to use because it asks for image file when we start this application. Application supports different types of image files formats like BMG, JPG, Gif and many more popular image formats. Once you click on “Copy image text” available on the application toolbar, Gttext automatically identifies the text on the image file and will show up on a small dialog box.

    You can even Copy Error Codes & Messages From Dialog Boxes.

    You can continue if you are satisfied with the texts that are recognized by application otherwise press Try Again button from pop up dialog box till your are not satisfy with identify texts. It is not possible that application gives us 100% result but most of time it identify result near accuracy."

    Go directly to developer's site: gttext.

    Also see How to Copy or Extract Text from Images with JOCR.

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    Wow! Thank you very much! Works very fast! I also found it userful for pdfs that cannot be copied. I snaphsot them and copy the image in gt text. Thank you.

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    You can also use OneNote which gives excellent results. If you have Windows Office, this might be the easiest.

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