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Thread: TED Downloader: Feature-rich Ted Video Downloader

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    Default TED Downloader: Feature-rich Ted Video Downloader

    If you are a fan of TED and would like to download the inspirational videos, you can do so only one video at a time.

    TED Downloader is a freeware that allows you to download multiple videos and more!


    1. Ability to Select which videos to Download.
    2. Ability to sort the videos by name, by the location they were held in, by the date they took place on and also by the duration of the videos(in case you want to download only videos which are short) while retaining previous selections
    3. Ability to add a Proxy.
    4. Ability to Refresh Links
    5. Ability to Export the Download Paths, if you want to use a different download Manager.
    6. A new and better UI which not only allows you to individually select which videos to download but also provides a better indicator of the videos being downloaded and remaining.

    Thanks for the heads up Obin Shah.

    Download Page.

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