Dailymotion is one of the most popular video sharing service. It has now developed an official app for Windows 8. The Dailymotion app for Windows 8 lets you search, watch and share more than 20 millions videos.

It has a well designed interface with lots of videos on the topics you love such as Movies, Video Games, Sports, News, Music, etc. The main highlight of the application is that it lets you play your favorite videos in HD quality. Moreover, you can share them directly via your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and Google Plus.
Download Dailymotion from the Windows Store.

4th & Square

Four Square is a location-based social networking website that lets you share and save your experiences about a place you visited and get personalized recommendations for places you would like to visit in future.
4th & Square is just an extension of the above mentioned service on Windows 8. It uses the same application programming interface as seen in FourSquare but is not endorsed or certified by Foursquare Labs, Inc in any way. Precisely, 4th & Square is a new Windows app for FourSquare.


The service currently supports Windows 8 and Windows RT, and is available on the Windows Store too. It costs $ 1.99
Get Fourth & Square from theWindows Store.