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Thread: Dead Pixel Finder Windows 8 Store App: Finds Dead Pixels on your Screen

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    Default Dead Pixel Finder Windows 8 Store App: Finds Dead Pixels on your Screen

    Facing any difficulty in finding a good program for testing dead pixels on your monitor? Try Dead Pixel Finder! It is a simple application that helps you find dead pixels on your screen easily and may revive it.

    The free application features 8 solid color backgrounds and 4 pattern tests using which you can identify color problems and find invalid pixels.

    For convenience, use highest possible color mode (32bit optimal) and also the highest supported refresh rate to avoid pattern flicker.

    Download Dead Pixel Finder.

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    This will be handy. Although, there are some higher resolution monitors where the dot pitch is very tiny and it is hard to detect anyway. I'm hoping to pick one of those beauties up soon. This program will definitely come in handy!


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    If anyone is looking for desktop freeware, try this: Identify & Repair Dead Pixels on LCD Monitors

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