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Thread: Save and share safely with Norton Satellite

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    Default Save and share safely with Norton Satellite

    Cloud Storage is popular but not safe most of the times. That’s why Norton has devloped free Windows 8 apps to help consumers manage security and scan their files stored in the cloud, on their PCs or external storage devices.

    The Norton Satellite as it is called is a free security app for Windows 8 from the house of the security expert Symantec. The app is available for download from the windows Store.

    The main window of the app is divided into following sections,

    1. Scan Facebook Feed
    2. Scan Dropbox
    3. Scan a File
    4. Scan a Folder

    For allowing the app to scan your Facebook feed for suspicious links or a Dropbox files in question, you need to login to the account. Then, simply select the file and hit the Scan button. Norton Satellite automatically starts checking the targeted files using online Symantec virus database to identify the undesired threats and reports them to you if detected.

    Norton Satellite

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    With the boost of online cloud storage services giving users gigabytes of online storage space for free, the pace at which users are storing data on the cloud has increased. Not only the free storage space but the convenience of accessing your files from anywhere and sharing them with your friends are some of the reasons behind the success of the cloud. Even main-stream operating systems are integrating cloud services deeply into its core.

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