Users missing old-time Start button in Windows 8, try Win8 Start Button. The button like most other applications tries to restore all familiar menus and options in Windows 8.

Just head over to the download page and install the application. Once installed, a familiar Windows Start orb appears in the lower left corner of your computer screen. Like the traditional Start menu, Windows 8 Start button displays two-pane Start menu which provides easy access to all your Windows programs (Documents, folders, etc).

The Windows 8 StartButton's menu displays commands for search, run, and Help. Besides, it has a Shut Down option too. Right-clicking on the orb brings up the application settings. Here, you can select a particular Start menu style. Start menu style options available are,

  1. Classic Windows
  2. Windows XP
  3. Windows 7

Win8 Start Button can be downloaded from here.

Also see Freeware to add Start Menu or Start Button to Windows 8.