Microsoft has just launched more modernized version of the HealthVault app for its Windows 8 operating system. The app has been optimized to run on tablets, Smartphones - W8 phones, and computers. The upgrade boasts nothing new functionally except changed user interface that makes make it easier for users to track and review their own health, making use of Windows 8ís multitasking features.

As said, the new app boasts a changed interface so, users are presented with a new start screen, made of modular tiles like the Windows 8 start screen. The tile displays a userís health data as an at-a-glance dashboard.

Once you sign in, you see your most current information being displayed, clearly. Thereís a section for tracking key metrics like weight, blood pressure, diet, exercise and cholesterol, complete with mini graphs showing recent trends.

Adjacent to this section you can find your health profile: medications, allergies, conditions, immunizations and procedures. Then administrative information like insurance and contacts, and finally a directory of all the apps and devices you can use with your account.

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