When it comes to writing, spell checking becomes rather important to save you from unwanted embarrassment. Many web browsers support spell checking feature, speckie, does its job in real-time It displays a visible mark when a word is wrongly spelled. You can then retype the word or simply right-click it and open a list of correction suggestions, available from built-in dictionary.
The application is easy to install and offers the same kind of auto correct feature found in Microsoft Word and applies it to your browser. More interestingly, you can enable spell check in single or multi line edit fields and set the maximum number of suggestions per dictionary from the settings section. The task s not limited to English words only. The add-in provides you with dictionaries for a large number of languages which you can install and use immediately. Enable multiple dictionaries in case you need to write in more than one language.
In all, Speckie is an easy to use Internet Explorer add-in that runs stealthy and helps you avoid spelling errors. It is free for personal use and is available in commercial form with additional features.