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Thread: Windows Downloads, speed, registry checks, etc for Windows XP

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    Default Windows Downloads, speed, registry checks, etc for Windows XP


    I just joined this group and there seem to be a lot of downloads that might be helpful.

    I recently had to download & run Kaspersky Rootkit because I got the Rovnix virus in my DOS & Win32.

    The Kaspersky seems to have fixed it but my machine is still not as fast as it could be.

    It is an older Emachnes T5046 and I just installed 2 more sticks of RAM at 1gig each (which helped).

    Is there anything else I can do to speed up my machine even though it's old? I am still running XP.

    I go on facebook mainly to play the jigsaw puzzle game, but I still suspect that may be some of the problem.

    Thanks in Advance, Greg.

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    Hi Greg,

    The most general steps I could suggest tp keep your Windows XP machine in good running condition are:

    • Go through your Control Panel Add Remove applet and check the installed programs. If you feel you no longer need some, uninstall them.
    • Disable or remove unwanted startup programs. You could use the built-in msconfig tool or freeware WinPatrol.
    • Run your Disk Cleanup tool every month. You may also use a third-party freeware like CCleaner to clean your junk.
    • Make sure you Windows is up-to-date.
    • Manually scan your machine using your antivirus software periodically.

    This post will give you some additional tips. Just check that they apply to Windows XP: Make Windows Startup, Run, Shutdown Faster You don't need to do all, just the first few are fine.

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