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Thread: Performance Appraisal Software for Windows

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    Default Performance Appraisal Software for Windows

    I like to get the details some of the performance appraisal software package details for my company, as a HR i am struggling lot while moving to work on appraisal process. Could anyone suggest me to prefer right kind of package...

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    Performance appraisal for what, employee performance, system performance, etc.? As you state that you are an "HR" I assume that means human resources and you want employee performance evaluation software. Is this correct? If it is I'm sorry that I can't be of much help unless you are good with spread sheets. If you are decent with Office Excel or another spread sheet you could set this up yourself. You would set up the sheet with your criteria set as inputs with a range of possible values for each input. You would add all the inputs to give a final score. Of course it is a bit more involved than stated but, if you have basic spreadsheet ability, this is really not a hard project. If you ran into difficulties building the sheet I could be of assistance especially if Excel were to be used. Keep in mind that when I say that I could be of assistance I mean with concepts and such. I am not a pro with Excel. The most complicated sheet I've built is a payroll estimation system using a tier commission setup. I MUST also state that when I say that I may be able to offer help I mean as to answering questions within this forum. I will not respond to private messages nor will I accept jobs that directly relate to issues posted on this forum.

    Sadly I don't think that the above is what you want even if I'm right on my guess of the purpose. I think that you want to purchase an already built package that will already be setup to do the evaluations. As I have no knowledge in dealing with such packages, as I would construct my own, I am sorry that I cannot be of any real help.
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