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Thread: Total Commander, a file manager for Windows

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    Default Total Commander, a file manager for Windows

    Total Commander, Version 8.52a, is a Shareware file manager for Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, and Windows® 3.1.

    The description says "Shareware", but there is actually no time-limit....
    Which is why i´m posting about it here, even though the forum-rules (#1) says:
    "Do not post links or URL´s to commercial software (shareware included !)"....
    You can use Total Commander as long as you want, but if you like it you should support the developer by buying it.

    Features in Total Commander 8.52a now include :

    • Two file windows side by side
    • Multiple language and Unicode support
    • Enhanced search function
    • Compare files (now with editor) / synchronize directories
    • Quick View panel with bitmap display
    • ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
    • Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
    • Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
    • Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history+favorites buttons

    • Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search
    • Compare editor, cursor in lister, separate trees, logging, enhanced overwrite dialog etc.
    • Unicode names almost everywhere, long names (>259 characters), password manager for ftp and plugins, synchronize empty dirs, 64 bit context menu, quick file filter (Ctrl+S)
    • USB port connection via special direct transfer cable, partial branch view (Ctrl+Shift+B), and many improvements to ftp, synchronizing and other functions
    • And many more!

    Main Window

    Download: Total Commander

    Total Commander has been around for many years, it was previously named Windows Commander,
    but was renamed 2002-11-02.

    I recommend Total Commander.
    It´s excellent, powerful, very reliable and has never caused any problems for me.
    I have also only heard good things about it, i have never heard of Total Commander causing problems.

    Note: Total Commander is safe for "normal" use.
    But be VERY careful if you change the settings to allow acces to all files and folders (
    including system-files) !
    can be dangerous !

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