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Thread: Windows Search Alternative Like Cathy

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    Default Windows Search Alternative Like Cathy


    I've always preferred to be able to create catalogues of my external hard drives contents rather than perform "on-the-fly" searches. That way I can check the catalogue even if the hard drive(s) are turned off. When I used Windows XP, the "go to" solution was a small, simple to use program known as Cathy. It met my needs perfectly. However since updating to Windows 8 I find Cathy fails eventually, even in compatibility mode. I've looked at over a dozen alternative programs but none are what I want. I've turned Windows Indexing back on but I'm not really happy with it.

    Lookeen appears to be good but according to an article on this website the free version only permits indexing of C drive. At around $50 for the Pro version I really can't justify buying it.

    So, can anyone recommend a freeware/open source program that will create indexes of external hard drives and permit interaction with the search result, as Cathy did. That is, you can click on a result to open it's path in Windows Explorer. I've found many of the available program create lists which can be saved and then opened with another program like Notepad. To me that's just a nuisance.

    The program would also need to have filters so I can choose to search for specific types of files like exe, mp4 or mp3 files etc.

    I'm using Windows 8.0 on a low-spec laptop.



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