Revo Uninstaller, IOBitUninstaller and others I have tried fail to delete COMPLETELY 100% of the items associated with an uninstalled application. There ALWAYS are 'things' left behind. This varies from a lot to a little. I don't understand this. Why are some items 'left behind' in the registry, and files and folders on my computer? In years past I just left this stuff on my computer, but I have read that this useless junk piles up over time and can even slow down your machine. I have found a utility everyone should know about called TakeOwnershipEx. It allows you to take ownership over files and folders that refuse to delete due to ownership and permission issues, and is so easy to use. If you want to delete files or folders or do other things but run into problems, try downloading this app. and you will get control to do whatever you want with no problems. However, I have not found an equivalent app. to use in the registry. Do you know of any software out there that can do what I am seeking? Thanks.