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Thread: *The Windows Club Charter (Read before posting!)*

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    Default *The Windows Club Charter (Read before posting!)*

    From a fellow member.

    The Windows Club was started to help and to share knowledge. It has grown rapidly since its inception because the members pride themselves on rapid response to postings asking for help and sharing informative postings with important information for any Windows user regardless of experience.

    There is one overriding reason why The Windows Club had grown so rapidly and that is the respect its members show for each other. Respect for each other is a matter of pride with our members and it is the reason why many of our members and moderators left other forums and joined ours.

    With this in mind please refrain from comments that are not relevant to the topic of the post and please do not “flame” others in the forum. If something written in a post irritates you, DO NOT respond with a “counter point”. This just leads to unproductive exchanges of “this for that”. If a post is inappropriate, simply click on the Report button situated in the top right corner of the post and a moderator will take care of the situation.

    Apart from respecting the other members, the utmost respect should also be given to our moderators, as they volunteer to do this for our forum and expect nothing in return.

    Please do read the Forum Guidelines (

    So, welcome to The Windows Club. I am confident you will soon realize why The Windows Club is one of the best!

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    It is imperative that we all respect the other member and their view-points or questions.

    If you are unable to answer in civil tones, rather you not reply at all. We all are from different nationalities and hence we have different sensibilities & styles.

    The Mods will act according to the rules, assured.

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