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Thread: Feedback: MaxCDN + Cloudflare on TWC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
    I am facing no problems of Firefox too.
    Posted one:
    Maybe you need to check up on some of your forum settings.
    I got a PM from Andy yesterday at 5:45 PM: "...for the last 24 hrs both MaxCDN and Cloudflare were deactivated...
    ...They are active now however..."

    So your tests are useless, since we can not know if MaxCDN and Cloudflare were active or not when you tested with Firefox.
    I donīt know exactly when Andy deactivated MaxCDN and Cloudflare, and then activated them...

    Iīm sending a PM to Andy about this, because if other members should test if Firefox works normally then of course both MaxCDN and Cloudflare must be active, otherwise all tests are useless.

    My "forum settings" ?
    Which settings do you mean ?
    I have not changed anything.
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    I have deactivated for TWCF now. Will reactivate after approximately 24-25 hours now.

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