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Thread: Bloggers : Get the paid ClustrMaps+ version FREE

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    Thumbs up Bloggers : Get the paid ClustrMaps+ version FREE

    OK, this one may interest Bloggers.

    ClustrMaps is a Hit counter map widget that shows locations of all visitors to any website.

    When a visitor accesses your blog, forum or internet site, ClustrMaps displays that visitor's geographic location on a map, using the visitor's IP address. It is automatic, speedy, scalable and has no spyware/cookies. You can see how the ClustrMaps+ operates on WinVistaClub.

    ClustrMaps is the only hit counter that (i) accurately shows you the locations of all visitors to your site on a thumbnail map embedded in your page, (ii) uses dot-clusters that scale up to huge numbers, and (iii) lets you store old maps in an archive.

    The advantage of the ClustrMaps+ version is that it allows a higher daily visitor count of 25,000, allows zoom to continents & unlimited archive of old maps, and (normally) costs USD 15.99 for one year.

    ClustrMaps, by special arrangement with WinVistaClub, is pleased to offer 5 licenses of the paid version of ClustrMaps+ free to the members of this community.

    So if you are a blogger, not necessarily a tech blogger (you could be a blogger on any topic), here is your chance to get it FREE !

    1. All you have to do is to display ClustrMaps free version, (obtainable from ClustrMaps) on your blog/website/forum. If you already use it, great ! Post your site URL here; and,

    2. Give one suggestion for improving ClustrMaps.

    The 5 blogs with the best placements and/or best suggestion will be given the prizes.

    The decision will be made by the ClustrMaps Team, in consultation with WinVistaClub.

    This offer/contest will be open until 10th December 2008.
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    1. I do use Blog URL is :

    Explore .NET with Vikram Pendse

    2. Suggestions : ClusterMaps Should provide short drill down reports about in what periods visitors are most. for example : Visitors are more between 4 PM to 6 PM, should be DateTime wise report.


    Vikram Pendse.
    Microsoft MVP

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    Smile I want it :)

    Here is my blog : FEEL WINDOWS

    I don't know whether this options exists but anywyz :-

    1) We should be able to change the color of the circles and even change shapes. Like it's up to us to choose squares or dots or triangles.

    2) A better world map?

    3) If we move our cursor to a particular circle in the map, the city name should pop up.

    These are all for now, maybe I will come out with some more, later.

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    Default Re: Bloggers : Get the paid ClustrMaps+ version FREE

    Thanks, it's a great offer!

    I am using clustrmaps...
    My blog URL : bits and bytes

    Some suggestions...

    1. Allowing zooming on maps so that we can see from which place this hit came from, at least allow zooming to a certain limit. Right now the map is a mess if the circles get bigger and bigger.
    2. Maps are not updated even after a significant difference in hit count during last update and current hit count. Gives a pretty lame reason that map won't look any different, pretty much because of circles overlapping each other.
    3. Another suggestion is to show hit count as I move my mouse over dots.
    4. Will it be nice, instead of showing hit count difference using bigger and smaller circles, we use different colors, leaving the circles smaller. This will enable us to extend existing limits. For eg: if we have hits greater than 2000 from one place, it will still be shown using +1000 circle which in my opinion doesn't make sense.
    5. Now when I click on clustrmap in my blog it opens up in the same page but I would like to open another page instead of taking the person out of my page.

    But overall it's a great utility to have.

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    Nice offer...I aint tried so far on my blog i.e. [ it's my Windows ]

    But it sounds good...n I'll wanna try this !! Thanks Anand.

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    Can I have one for my blog ?? Choto Cheeta Online ?

    Suggestion ?

    Any Live data, may be some thing like type options ?? As with Web 2.0, Ajax based interactive services are always welcome and nice to play with as an end user

    Thanks... !!!

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    i too have on my site

    Tech Mania


    resize map size
    Glow or aero type look
    Some thing like feedjit would be nice showin live traffic feed i really miss that one in wordpress

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    Well I don't necessarily want or need this application, as I have no website.
    But I can give some suggestions.
    Ok, I just checked it out.
    You give country totals, but that can be better shown. Right now I am looking at the clustermaps version of clustermaps... and I can see more people on the east coast accessing the website then on the east coast (of the USA). By giving each of those dots regions, the total hits from the area would be better represented.
    Now that I think about it, cities are not a good idea, its a bit private. Countys seem ok though.

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    Here is my entry : Be Live...with Me...!!!

    Suggestions :

    -ClusterMaps Should provide the status of current online visitors, Total todays visitors and total page views below the map or embeded anywhere in widget.

    -Widget should be animated.

    -Zooming facility should be included. (we can not recongnise the exact location of visitors like city or area by only viewing the widget)

    -widget should be refreshed daily... we should able to see all the location of only todays visitors.

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    Puters And Net

    Some Suggestions:

    It would be better if we can just hover over the dots and see the country name and how many visits.

    Making more colors of the widget would be great so that we can chose which color matches with our websites or blogs.

    I would like to see it live as in showing how many users are currently on the website.


    5. Now when I click on clustrmap in my blog it opens up in the same page but I would like to open another page instead of taking the person out of my page.
    To thomas_nibu

    You can set the Target Frame to "New Window" ....I mine can now open in new window or tab, just did it now.

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