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Thread: Get Win7Zilla FREE!

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    Thumbs up Get Win7Zilla FREE!

    In association with Win7zilla, The Windows Club is pleased to offer 10 life-time licenses to Win7zilla to the members of The Windows Club Forum.

    Win7zilla™ is a security, maintenance, customization, optimization and tweaking software for Windows 7. It's a comprehensive, all-in-one Windows 7 utility to meet all your system maintenance requirements.


    System information - Hardware
    System information - Software
    Change OEM and User Information
    Optimize Internet Connection
    Windows® 7 utilities Easy Access
    Tweak and Change Windows® 7 Settings
    Optimize Physical Memory (RAM)
    Boost Gaming Performance
    Change Windows® 7 Logon Screen
    Clean temporary Files
    Clean Windows® 7 Registry
    Manage Windows® 7 Start-up

    To be eligible to win a free license you will have to leave a comment or feedback about Win7Zilla, here below, as the company is looking for feedback. The 10 lucky winners will be chosen randomly. The license otherwise normally costs $15.99.

    TWC Forum members who have more than 10 posts 'before today' may make their requests here. 10 licenses will be given away to forum members. 10 more licenses are being distributed to the readers of TWC separately.

    The contest will close 7 days from now.

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    Another great contest, thank you TheWindowsClub and HappyAndyK for managing this.
    And thanks to Win7zilla company for the generous gesture, of course

    [Edit to say] Blogged (Italian and English)
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    I have just visited the web site and god it does it all and I personally wouldn't say no to a copy. I found this list of what it does Full list of tweaking options in Win7Zilla
    Please consider me as a candidate for a license


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    You can include me for a license, I'm interested too.

    I have tried it and I appreciate that no system restart is required after applications of tweaks. Creation of System Restore is immediate.
    One defect: all list of tweaks and selectable options are dispersive for a medium user.

    Suggestion: I'd like the implementation of a "Disable libraries" tweak. Because I don't use it.
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    Count Me In

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    This is perfect for me love easy one click solutions Ive downloaded the trail and hopefully can continue with a winning bid....please put my name in the hat...


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    I'd like a license but if you get more than 10 folks asking for it, it's not something that I just "Gotta Have". Thanks for making the offer available!

    As far as feedback goes
    Pros: Installs well, Create system restore point is well integrated in the interface, seems very full featured. Easy to use.

    Cons: Seems to have an issue with Windowblinds when the window is re-sized (doesn't redraw the window fully so there are artifacts left behind). Windows classic mode view has the same issue (at least for me). Visually the icons/buttons are pretty big but not unusable by any means.

    Suggestion for more stuff that it could do: Add some basic font management. It would be nice to selectively disable fonts to decrease boot time. Just an idea.

    Overall its a really nice app. I don't know what the "zilla" part of the name is about but I instantly thought of Mozilla and was surprised that they were doing a tweaking application.
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    Talking Me Too !

    Looks like a pretty cool piece of software ...... count me in too
    Downloaded the trial , my favorite is being able to change your logon screen without a bunch of hassle.
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    Pretty good. I downloaded the trial and it is a pretty nice tool.

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    Default Sounds Interesting....

    From what I've read, this looks like a very cool program, one I would be very interested in getting. I'm hoping that I can be one of the 10 winners.

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