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Thread: Contest: Share your Windows 7 story -Win a Windows 7 license

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    Thumbs up Contest: Share your Windows 7 story -Win a Windows 7 license

    Share your Windows 7 story and win a Windows 7 license!

    The contest is very simple. Share your Windows 7 experience story with us...a real experience story, the moment you liked Windows 7 most ... or when it made your day for you! Share that moment and win fabulous prizes.

    The best story will get a genuine Windows 7 Professional license. And two runners up will get a license of Eset Smart Security each.

    The contest rules are as follows:

    - The contest is open to all.
    - The story must be a real life Windows 7 personal experience. It may include the moment you liked Windows 7 most, or when it made your day for you or it could be simply be a feature which you enjoy. It should be between 100-200 words and preferably include a title.
    - The contest will run for 15 days and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

    There will three winners. The best entries will be selected by a panel of judges comprising of Steve Clayton of Microsoft, Blake Handler MVP & Andre Da Costa.

    The most original real-life story gets the prize! So if you have a story to share, we'd love to hear it.

    Thanks nitinagarwal for the great contest idea and for sponsoring the Windows 7 license.

    For the duration of this contest I am disabling email confirmation. This will allow instantaneous registration.

    Please post only your story in this thread.

    Alternatively you may now also post your story in the comments section in TWC post.

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    Cool Contest.
    How can I effectively narrow down to one thing? Really, I can't so I'll share two things. First, when I received my copy of Windows 7 retail, I already had everything backed up so it was just pop the disc in and install. This is where my first like of the new operating system showed: The install time. I have installed this operating system on a Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P motherboard with 8 gigabytes of ram, with an AMD Phenom II X4 940 processor. The install process from boot-from-disc to usable desktop was slightly under 20 minutes (18 minutes to be exact). That is absolutely awesome considering that Windows Vista took about 40 minutes to install on the same computer with the same hardware. Awesome.

    The second thing has to do with how Windows 7 detects hardware connected to the computer. With my Windows Vista installation (same setup), I connected my cell phone (Motorola Razr V3xx) and Windows Vista didn't recognize it. Not even connecting to Windows Update helped the operating system recognize the device. With Windows 7, the moment I plugged the USB cable into my cell phone and connected it to my PC, Windows 7 immediately recognized that the device connected was a cell phone and that it was a Motorola Razr V3xx--installing the necessary drivers! In my opinion, that was truly awesome and put this operating system leaps-and-bounds ahead of Windows Vista. (The same thing happened with the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1250 that was already installed when I performed the Windows 7 operating system--recognized the card by name and installed the drivers too).

    Truly great operating system.

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    Default Windows 7 Works!

    I was a bit excited upon hearing about Windows 7, but wasn't sure how I'd like it compared to Vista. So I was able to get a release candidate license, and I liked that it was very stable, everything was fast, and I liked several of the new features. I liked how the wallpaper can shuffle automatically in Windows now, which saves the need for downloading a third-party app. I also like the new taskbar progress bars. They really help me keep an eye on things that are going on while I'm doing other things. I also like how the taskbar acts as a sort of Dock app (removing the need for ANOTHER) third party app .

    Windows 7 definitely has several opportunities for application developers. One being the taskbar progress bars, another being jump lists (another feature that I appreciate!).

    All in all, Windows 7 is better than any other version of Windows I've used. I like it.

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    cool contest! here's my story.

    "W7 RC Gave New Life To My Old Laptop"
    So I have a Dell Inspiron 4150, purchased way back in mid-2005. It came with 512mb of ram! and a measly 1.6ghz of Pentium M goodness. It did its job fine, for pre-web 2.0 era. The hard drive died out a couple years ago and sat collecting dust in the garage. I was about to recycle it, but Windows 7 Beta came along and I though what the heck let give it a try. Little to my surprise Windows 7 was a life saver for it. I was even more surprise that it can even run aero! It crazily found all the necessary drivers that was able to support ancient hardware in this day and age. I let my sister use it until last week when the RC bomb went off. It’d been nagging my sister every couple hour, so I hope I’d win this to reformat the laptop. It still have plenty of life left I’m sure.

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    Thumbs up Behold Windows 7

    Windows 7 Professional had me the moment I started my new HP dv6t laptop. I was up and running in moments not the what-seemed-like-hours loading XP.
    I have only been using Win 7 a short time but have found several things to celebrate:
    1) It loads in seconds not minutes.
    2) It is intuitive and easy to negotiate.
    3) I am constantly downloading programs and trying them. I would no longer be able to do that except that Windows 7 Professional includes Windows XP Mode
    4) I have added many programs to XP that might or might not work. Some of which are now part of the Windows 7 package. ie: Sticky Notes
    5) XP's sounds could become irritating but I now look forward to making a mistake and having Windows 7's pleasant melodies let me know I am on the wrong track.
    6) I like the themes and the ease of changing the background which breaks the monotony of it all.
    7) Opening the command prompt in any folder makes it much easier to negotiate DOS.
    8) And the Problem Steps Recorder is a handy feature in solving computer problems

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    Windows 7 was my Idea!

    Thanks Andy for airing this contest......we will surely come to know about great Windows 7 stories here

    everyone, whether they already have Windows 7 license or don't want any license but please share your Windows story generated from your experience here.....

    I am using Windows 7 since its pre-beta builds....from there onwards i was very much sure that this is the thing which we really want to have on our PCs. Windows 7 changed my way of working on made my work a lot lot easier, it automatically cares about lot of i have no tension of installing compatible drivers for any of my devices, No tension of being getting hacked, traced of something....I use IE8 inprivate browsing mode.....

    Life becomes more easy and tension free after adopting Windows 7 as my main OS. Windows 7 made me popular on communities and gave me idea to start a blog also...

    Thanks Microsoft for developing this amazing thing.....and also thanks to me because Windows 7 was my Idea too...

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    I started with Windows7 Beta running in a virtual partition. I gave it 1GB of RAM of my 3.3GB (usable) total because I knew that the Vista host would not do well if I left less than 2GBs of RAM for it. I was really amazed how well Win7 performed in 1GB. I then moved on to the RC and bought the 32bit RTM end of October 09. I also have a 64bit version on a new laptop.
    The functions I really like in Win7 are the Taskbar, Libraries, Homegroup and the Trim support for SSDs. But unfortunately, there are also some shortcomings.
    The loss of the sidebar is a problem because I like my gadgets always on top. I helped it by tweaking my Vista sidebar into Win7. That works well in the 32bit version but my most favorite gadget (AppLauncher) does not work on my 64bit laptop.
    The user interface for the basic system settings is "artistic" - to say the least. Why do I need to go to Computer > Properties to find the "System Protection". That belongs into Control Panel\System and Security\Backup and Restore. Another example is the setting of the screensaver (using a video) where I have to go to Windows Live Photo Gallery > File. It would have been useful to continue to develop the Personalize of the Vista desktop > right click to bundle all basic settings.
    The other positive with Win7 is that it appears to be very stable up to now. My Event Viewer shows a few errors - some even critical. But the system has dealt with them without me even noticing them. That is real progress.
    My 32bit system is blazing fast off the 80GB Intel SSD. The 64bit system is a lot slower, but it is on a HDD and the laptop CPU is not quite as fast. I will get one more 32bit license for my quad core system that is in Germany. And that will run off an OCZ 60GB Vertex.
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    Well, I am not really good writer and I don't really have a unique story but I have been using Windows 7 since the RC Version. I loved it from the beginning, maybe that was because in my opinion, XP needed upgrades and improvements or that Vista was so full of bugs you needed an exterminator and that you had to jump through hoops just to change anything in the visual style. Either way, I bought Windows 7 Pro officially in January due to my fears of my computer disintegrating into thin air from all the talk of the RC having death timers in it. I would never go back to Vista or XP. Microsoft has not always hit the mark, but this is the closest they have come yet.

    Now I just need to get a copy of Windows 7 to upgrade my Wife's computer from XP.


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    Thumbs up Love it!

    I have just started using win7 and i really love it.
    It is fast and up to now (it's been already 2 months that I am using it) it never crashed or had any problem whatsoever.
    Maybe not so important for some but the themes feature with so many options (like setting to have a different wallpaper throughout a day) amazes me.
    Cheers to win7.

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    Light With Windows 7
    After dark and stormy night when the sun shinned again on the blue sky, while the ground shakes beneath me, i diligently stayed focused on the task at hand, As my home screen loaded, "This doesn't look like xp nor like vista", I thought….., Wow said that day when I found WINDOWS 7 Logon welcome, look all those bright colors crowned with the aero effect., "This is awesome", I said to myself. Windows 7 was fully installed.With joy in my heart I looked into Windows orb, clicking on All Programs and there were them all of it the dark and stormy night didn’t affected my windows 7. Things look much, much brighter, Windows 7 media centre outstandingly, inlcudig instant sleep/hibernate/wake cycles, HD playback, and all the bells and whistles. This was a nightmare before windows 7.
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