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Thread: Internet Explorer New Feature : The IE8 New Tab Page

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    Thumbs up Internet Explorer New Feature : The IE8 New Tab Page

    One of the features improved in IE8 is the ‘new tab’ page, which is the page you see by default when you click the New Tab button on the Tab row, or if you hit CTRL+T (the keyboard shortcut that does the same thing). The Program Managers for this page and would like to walk you through the history and evolution of this feature to what it is today in IE8 Beta 2.

    The first goal for this page: provide easy access to tab-related tasks. We recognize that when you open a new tab, you’re probably on your way to go do something else in the browser like visit a new site or start a new search. So, it seemed logical to make this new tab page offer up tab-related tasks to the user, especially given our desire to make navigation easier in IE8.

    The second goal for this page: be a discoverability aid to cool features that might otherwise be hidden, and its corollary, don’t bother with features that are already visible to the user. We know this page would be a good advertising surface for features that users might not otherwise discover. The ability to restore a closed tab from a window was new to IE8, but many users might not even know that the feature existed.

    Full read at IEBlog.

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    Thanks Anand for the articles....
    There are lots of noticeable changes in IE tab

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    Thanx for the article. When they are releasing IE 8 ?

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