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Thread: The Best Internet Explorer Tips & How to's links thread

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    Thumbs up The Best Internet Explorer Tips & How to's links thread

    A simple contest here.

    Post some of the best articles you have come across anywhere on the net pertaining to Internet Explorer 8.

    They could cover troubleshooting tips, tweaks, hacks, tutorials, how-tos's, articles on security or even Microsoft KB articles you may have come across.

    Simply post the title and the link. That's it!

    At the end of 15 days, one entrant (Admins/Mods excluded) will get a Webroot Security Essentials license, thanks to James OR any other license from the Pool free.

    We will use to pick up a lucky winner.

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    Nice idea tweakwindows. I truly hope that this thread shows up some useful resources! Here are some from my site:

    Understanding Internet Explorer 8 Tabs.
    Run Internet Explorer 8 in No Add-ons mode.
    InPrivate mode in Internet Explorer 8
    Command line arguments in Internet Explorer 8
    SmartScreen Filter & XSS Security features in IE 8.
    How to uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 7
    Caret browsing in Internet Explorer 8.
    How to use the InPrivate Filtering feature in Internet Explorer 8.
    Create your own custom Accelerator for Internet Explorer 8
    Pressing Ctrl+F does not bring up Find On This Page.

    Also From WinVistaClub IE Tips page:

    How to Run IE 7 and IE 8 at the same time in Vista
    Right Click Context Menu In Internet Explorer disabled
    IEToys To Enhance the functionality of Internet Explorer
    Add Windows Live Messenger Or Any Program Shortcut To IE Toolbar
    How to Hide or Show the Command Bar in Internet Explorer
    How to View Visited Web Sites of Internet Explorer
    How to Create Desktop Shortcuts To Open Websites.
    IE crashes or freezes frequently in Windows
    How to Remove or Hide Internet Explorer 7 Search Bar.
    Troubleshooting : If You Are Unable to open a particular website
    5 Most useful addons for IE.
    Restore IE7 file MenuBar Location to the Top
    Error: You must be an administrator to open Internet Explorer on this desktop
    How to disable ALL IE add-ons on the fly !
    Internet Explorer does not auto-complete http://
    Recover forgotten passwords stored by Internet Explorer
    IE link opens in a Blank White page
    How To Add Search Providers to Internet Explorer 7
    If IE loads slowly when Phishing Filter is 'on'
    How to edit IE context menu
    The text appears in reverse order, in Internet Explorer
    Web fonts appear blurred in Internet Explorer
    How to Auto-complete url's in IE
    Force IE to save passwords ... again !
    Lock Your IE HomePage & how to define multiple home pages in IE.

    I would really love to see some more IE resource links here. It will also help us all, in away, you will come to know later

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    i remeber a link for an easter eggs ... let me see...

    bah it's for ie 5.5 (i don't know if it good for the other versions...)

    Internet Explorer Easter Eggs

    it's the same???

    ---------- Post added at 06:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:28 AM ----------

    one link with some infos a little bit more recent

    10 Useful Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators

    ---------- Post added at 06:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:28 AM ----------

    an another one...

    IEBlog : Session Cookies, sessionStorage, and IE8 or ?How can I log into two webmail accounts at the same time??

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