I was recently forced to switch from IE6 to IE8. The reason I say "forced" is because I had it set exactly as I like it and some of the features I used in IE6 are not available on IE8:

1) When I select 'full screen' I don't have the option of keeping the top not hidden ( which is annoying because every time my cursor touches the top it brings the tab down and cover what I needed on the top of the page),

2) I can't access the 'Taskbar' with my cursor when I am at 'full screen' like I could with IE6, I have to pres the 'windows' key on the keyboard.

3) The 'Favorites' tab does not have the option of hidden and reveled at the touch of the cursor, it is either ON or OFF.

It is obvious by now that I don't have a large screen, most offices don't, if I had a large widescreen these issues will not bother me at all. But, I only have a 19' LCD 5x4 screen and I need these features.

I understand that IE8 has much more options and agility for heavy Internet users and my issues are small in comparison. But, still, is there any thing I can do?:confused.