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Thread: IE 8 Bookmark Question

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    Default IE 8 Bookmark Question

    Please forgive me if this is the wrong area to ask this question, but I need help. I like to open several web sites at a time in my bookmarks folder and usually I can open it, scroll down to each little arrow on the right, click it once and the page will be added to my tabs, then I can move down and quickly open the next on down.

    Starting today for some reason, my bookmarks folder close after I click open each page, and it's going to take me way too long to open each page if I have to go back and open the folder over and over this way.

    I have no idea why it started doing this. I have restarted my computer but it keeps closing after opening only one bookmark. Is this a setting or does anyone know how to switch this back to leaving my bookmarks folder open while I open however many pages I want?

    Is there a place in IE8 that lets you adjust bookmark settings?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    okay, sorry for bothering anyone, I figured it out. It was an add-on I installed that was not working correctly so I disabled it and now my bookmarks are back to normal. Thank you

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    glad you sorted it. welcome to the forum

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    Default Bookmarks

    Thank you, I'll probably learn a lot from this board!!

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